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Graphic Fractions:
Draw Simple Fractions

For these problems, kids are given a simple fraction and asked to draw a pie chart representation of the value completely independently; unlike the worksheets from the prior section, these worksheets do not include the pre-divided fraction shapes as hints. Initial worksheets start out with basic fractions, and later sheets introduce mixed fractions.

Draw the Fraction: Simple Fractions

Draw the Fraction: Simple Fractions 2

Draw the Fraction: Mixed Fractions 1

Draw the Fraction: Mixed Fractions 2


Being able to visualize a fractions is a useful skill, and provides the foundation for understanding the relative value of fractions that do not have a commmon denominator. The answer keys here show the fraction as a pie chart, with the sections of the pie divided appropriately given the denominator, but other representations such as arrays might also be considered acceptable answers to these problems.

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