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Greater Than and Less Than: Greater Than and Less With Simple Operations

Greater than and less than tests combined with basic addition, subtraction and multiplication.

Greater Than and Less Than with Math Facts and Simple Arithmetic

The greater than and less than worksheets on this page have simple arithmetic problems on one (and sometimes both) sides of the operation.

The worksheets at the beginning of the set will have problems resembling math facts, which can be a useful reinforcement when learning the fact tables or fact families. Later worksheets have multi-digit problems. While it can be tempting for students to work out the absolute answer to each side of the comparison, they should also be encouraged to use estimating strategies to quickly find relative differences to get the right comparison in place and then only fall back on absolute calculation when the numbers are obviously similar. This type of problem solving is a great skill that can help with many other types of problems and with checking work for obvious errors.

There are a number of other worksheet resources on the site that can work in tandom with these comparison worksheets, but a good place to start is the fact family worksheets found here...

Fact Family Worksheets