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  • Lined Quarter Inch Handwriting Paper
  • Lined Half Inch Handwriting Paper
  • Lined Three Eighths Inch Handwriting Paper
  • Lined Three Quarter Inch Handwriting Paper
  • Lined 1 Inch Handwriting Paper

Handwriting Paper:
Printable Lined Paper

If you just need to print out some basic lined paper, these are the printable PDF templates in various ruled sizes you need to get some writing done.

Lined Quarter Inch

Lined Half Inch

Lined Three Eighths Inch

Lined Three Quarter Inch

Lined 1 Inch

Basic Lined Paper Templates to Print

If you just need basic lined paper, the templates on this page have different line heights to suit whatever needs you have. They are a great stand-in for basic wide ruled or college ruled notebook paper in a pinch. All of the templates are in printable PDF format and you can feed them through your printer twice (front and back) to get two-sided lined paper if needed.

The writing paper templates here are provided in a variety of different line heights, allowing for more or less text on the page depending on the penmanship proficiency of the students.

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