Math Worksheets

Inches Measurement: Inches on Ruler

Measurement worksheets for identifying specific points on an imperial inch ruler including whole inch units and fractional inch units.

Measurement Worksheets Reading a Ruler Marked in Inches

The measuring worksheets on this page require grade school students to look at a ruler and identify the value being shown in inches. Each worksheet has five rulers on it corresponding to five measurement problems to be completed.

The first set of worksheets all have measurements of whole inches. Subsequent worksheets introduce half inches, quarter inches and so on down to sixteenths of an inch. The last few sets of worksheets have a mix of different fractional inch measurements.

These worksheets are great measurement practice for students in first grade, second grade or third grade. They provide a structured introduction to measurement concepts that may be a good preparation for real-world ruler exercises where motor skill coordination with the ruler is a bit challenged.