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Inches Measurement:
Measure Inches from All Positions

Worksheets for measuring length on an imperial inch ruler starting from all fraction positions of the ruler. These are what you're working up to!

Measure Inches: Quarters Length, Eighths Start

Measure Inches: Eighths Length, Eighths Start

Measure Inches: Quarters Length, Sixteenths Start

Measure Inches: Sixteenths Length, Sixteenths Start

Measure Inches: All Lengths, All Starts 1

Measure Inches: All Lengths, All Starts 2

Measurement Worksheets for Finding Length from Fractions of Inches

Measuring the length of something often requires us to look not only at the ending measurement, but a starting offset as well. This is common in a lot of 'in-place' measurements, and it creates the opportunity to introduce subtraction and relative length as part of the measurement thinking process.

These worksheets all deal with measuring the relative length of an object in inches, and the offset is a starting fractional number of inches from the left edge of the ruler, including eighths and sixteens of an inch positions. The total lengths start out as whole numbers of inches making the calculations easy, but later worksheets have fractional inch lengths as well.

Students will find the total length of the object by looking at the ending measurement in inches and then subtracting the starting inch position from that value.

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