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Long Division Worksheets: Division by Factors of 25

These long division worksheets focus on factors of 25. There are two groups of worksheets, including sets with remainders and sets without remainders.

Division by Factors of 25

The number 25 plays a special role in many applications, and because of our base 10 number sequence, it often is correlated with the number four or, as here with division, quarters. In some applications, division by 25 or factors of 25 can be a useful skill, and these long division worksheets are designed to flex those mental muscles. These worksheets begin with simple division by 25, which can often be performed mentally by multiplying the hundreds place value and above by four, and then treating the remaining tens and ones place values as increments of 25 added to the larger quotient. Additional sets of long division worksheets deal with factors of 25 and introduce division problems with remainders.