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Math Worksheets for Mean, Median, Mode and Range

Problem worksheets for finding the mean, median, mode and range given a set of numbers. These are basic problems suitable for 'by-hand' calculations. The data in earlier problems are pre-sorted.

Getting Started with Mean, Median, Mode and Range Problems

The worksheets on this page require kids to calculate the mean, median, range and mode for small sets of numbers, all of which are easy enough to add up on paper without the aid of a calculator. These are great practice tools for introducing concepts like mean or median because the sets of numbers are small enough to focus on the techniques to compute these statistics without getting bogged down in the calculations themselves.

Computing the median requires summing all the values in the set, so working initially with a small group of numbers is advantageous for learning the technique. Similarly, finding the median and the mode requires looking at the numbers in order, so making this a bit more frustrating if the set of numbers is large. Because of these issues, starting with this set of worksheets will build confidence in student's ability to tackle mean, median, mode and range problems before moving on to larger sets of numbers in the following sections...