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Metric Measurement: Centimeters on Ruler

Metric measurement worksheets for identifying millimeter points on a ruler marked in centimeters.

Measurement Worksheets Reading a Ruler Marked in Centimeters

The measurement worksheets on this page require students to look at a ruler and write the value being shown in centimeters. Each worksheet has five rulers on it corresponding to five metric measurement problems to be completed.

The worksheets here deal with both millimeters and centimeters as units of measurement. The initial worksheets dealing with millimeters may be easier to comprehend because they don't deal with the concepts of millimeters as a fraction of a centimeter. Building proficiency with the millimeter unit worksheets will facilitate an easy transition to marking measurements in both whole centimeters and fractional centimeters (and likewise converting those measurements between each other.)

These worksheets are great measurement practice for students in first grade, second grade or third grade. They provide a structured introduction to measurement concepts that may be a good preparation for real-world ruler exercises where motor skill coordination with the ruler is a bit challenged.