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Metric SI Unit Conversions: Cubic Centimeters to Liters

The metric system makes converting between cubic dimensional units and volume units easy and these unit conversion worksheets for converting metric/SI volume to other metric units practice common calculation.

In addition to measurements of cubic distance, the metric system defines volume in terms of liters as well. A liter is the metric system's base unit for volume. Like other units with a prefix of 'milli', a milliliter one thousandth of a liter, so 1,000 milliters is one liter. A milliliter is also defined as a cubic centimeter, so 1,000 cubic centimeters has the same volume measurement as one liter. Although mathematically, a milliter is the same a centimeter keeping track of the units is equally important, and these conversion worksheets have plenty of practice problems that focus on conversions from cubic measurement to liters.