Math Worksheets

Multiplication Worksheets: Conventional Multiplication Practice with x12

Conventional times table practice with values through x12, similar to the timed multiplication worksheets above. One minute timed test layout.

Multiplication Tests Including Times Twelve Facts

These worksheets are similar to the worksheet series in the previous section, except they include facts up through times 12 in the multiplicands. These are one minute tests with forty problems per page.These multiplication worksheets make for great refresher exercises to maintain multiplication fact skills, to reassess fact retention after other topics have been covered, or after the dreaded summer learning loss.

Like the previous series, worksheets in this series have only the facts in the set you're working on, so if you're working with the times six multiplication facts, those will be the only facts on the worksheet. If you want a series that retains the previously learned facts as you go through the set, look at the progressive series of worksheets or Spaceship math.