Math Worksheets

Ordering Numbers: Ordering With Negatives

Worksheets for ordering sets of negative whole numbers with the same place values (same number of digits in each value in the list.)

Simple Ordering Negative Numbers Worksheets

Just when you think you've got your ducks all lined up, along comes negative numbers to throw a wrench in your number ordering efforts! Negative numbers can initially be confusing because numbers that appear to have a larger value (and more place values) are actually smaller than other numbers. This is the oppositive of positive number ordering, where longer numbers (those with more place value digits) are larger. This section introduces negative number ordering and the sets of numbers on these worksheets are all negative and all have the same number of digits. This provides a very gentle introduction to the concepts of negative numbers. The ordering numbers worksheets in later sections will introduce ordering of sets of negative numbers with different place values in the group.