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Kindergarten Number Line Addition Worksheets

These worksheets introducing addition using the number line. Students can apply counting skills to visually solve simple addition problems and build the concepts needed to move on to numeric-only addition worksheets.

The Number Line is a Great Way to Introduce Addition

When you're starting out, those simple addition problems that may seem so familiar to adults may be something entirely alien to your young preschool or kindergarten age student.

After working a bit with manipulatives, a number line can be a great tool for briding the concepts of counting to addition. These worksheets start with small numbers suitable for younger students and allow them to apply those counting skills to solve simple addition problems.

Introducing the number line also readies them for topics such as subtraction with the number line or negative numbers. If you have a kindergartener who's just itching to get started with math, these worksheets are a great first step!