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Reducing Fractions:
Reducing Common Fractions

Reducing common fractions to lowest mixed number form. Many of these real-world fractions should be candidates for memorization.

Reducing Hundredths

Reducing Sixtieths

Reducing Fractions: Thirds

Reducing Fractions: Fourths

Reducing Fractions: Fifths

Reducing Fractions: Sixths

Reducing Fractions: Sevenths

Reducing Fractions: Eighths

Reducing Fractions: Ninths

Reducing Fractions: Twelfths


Once the mechanism for reducing fractions is understood, a student will benefit enormously from the ability to quickly reduce common fractions to their simplest form. This series of worksheets provides a series of fractions dealing with percentages, time values and simple denominators that would be encountered in many real world contexts. Site familiarity with these fractions and their reduced values will go a long way towards building speed and confidence with many other fraction problems.

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