Math Worksheets

Roman Numerals: Roman Numeral Ordering (Sequential)

These worksheets require students to practice putting a list of sequential Roman numerals in their correct order. While this may not require a student to know exactly how to convert a Roman numeral, it does require them to be able to see which Roman numerals are greater than or less than others near their value.

Worksheets for Ordering Roman Numerals

Select a different group of worksheets depending on how large you would like the Roman numerals to be. The initial series of worksheets deal with sequences in the range of 1-10 (Roman numeral I through Roman numeral X), the second with sequences in 1-20 (Roman numeral I through Roman numeral XX), the third with values through 50 (Roman Numeral L) and the fourth with values through 100 (Roman numeral C). Additional sets of worksheets deal with conversions of Roman numerals corresponding to years, which is a very common application of Roman numerals in modern times.

You can check your conversion with this Roman Numeral Converter.