Math Worksheets

Rounding Numbers: More Complex Rounding Numbers

Rounding whole numbers worksheets where there may be significant digits to the left of the rounding place value.

More Complex Rounding Whole Numbers

One the initial concepts of number rounding are well understood, the rounding worksheets in this section introduce more complex problems, including much larger (six digit) numbers for practice. In these worksheets, the student must focus more on finding the correct digit to round based on the description in the problem (e.g., 'round to the nearest hundred' or 'round to the nearest ten') and then understand that multiple digits to the right of that digit may need to be set to zero in the rounded off result.

These worksheets are appropriate for pupils who have a solid grasp the mechanics of rounding numbers, but who have not yet been introduced to decimal numbers or have not developed familiarity with identifying place values in the fraction component of a number.