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Rounding Numbers: Rounding Worksheets with Carrying

When the place value digit in a rounding numbers problem is a nine and you round up, it requires carrying. These rounding worksheets help practice this sometimes confusing extra step.

Rounding Numbers with Nines in the Place Value! Trouble!

Those pesk number nines in the rounding target digit! There are a number of skills you've got to get comfortable with when rounding numbers, including identifying the place value digit and getting the rules about five and up in the prior digit telling you which way to round. But there's one extra kink that can really throw your 3rd grade student into tailspin.

When a nine shows up in the target digit, adding one to that number turns it into a 10. This might not seem difficult at first depending on how strong our number-sense has gotten, but if our rounding skills are still purely algorithmic, it's a bit of a challenge. These rounding worksheets are designed to provide practice rounding numbers with nines in the target digit to address exactly this problem.