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Rounding Numbers: Simple Rounding With Decimals

Rounding decimals worksheets with numbers that may include decimals to the same place value as the least significant digit. This is the easiest set of worksheets dealing with rounding decimal numbers.

Rounding Decimals Worksheets

This is the first set of rounding worksheets that involve decimal numbers. The first of these worksheets require rounding to the nearest tenth and looking at the hundredths digit to decide whether to 'round up' or 'round down' to get the answer. Unlike rounding of whole numbers, this can create a situation where the tenths value is zero, which means dropping that place value in the answer. This is one of the minor twists that makes rounding decimal values slightly more complicated.

Additional worksheets in the series deal with rounding hundredths or thousandths places, but the values selected in the problems always correspond to numbers where the digit to be examined is obvious. That makes this series of rounding worksheets somewhat more straightforward compared to problems where there might be multiple place values to the right of the digit of interest. While often students will be able to skip the worksheets in this section and move straight to the more complex problems in the next section, these worksheets can provide a necessary bridging tool for students who struggle with the concepts of fractional place value numbers. Using this worksheets in conjunction with a place value chart can be helpful in situations where students are struggling to locate the correct digits.