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Area, Cubic Volume and Volume-to-Liter Conversion Worksheets

This week’s new worksheets are a natural follow-on to last week’s conversion worksheets using unity fractions. These worksheets present problems of conversion between metric areas and volumes; in other words problems dealing with square or cubic meter-based units. The last few worksheet sets go further into conversions between cubic volumes and liter-base unit measurements. You can find the new worksheets here… Metric Area and Cubic Volume Conversion Worksheets These problems can get lengthy, and I’ve received some feedback that this approach seems slightly complex for introducing elementary conversions. However, as I pointed out in the previous post, this is the fundamental mechanism used for unit conversions in chemistry and physics classes so learning the skills on more basic problems is a big help for scoring good grades in science classes. I still remember Professor Vanosdall’s voice booming, “Cancel the units!” from my AP Chemistry class. You should start to see how unity fractions make these conversion manageable in the cubic-volume-to-liters worksheets.