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Money is one of those math topics that is easy as an adult to take for granted. These money worksheets are here to help! You can see them all at this link…

Printable Money Worksheets

Money problems can require a number of steps to solve, all of which have be to taught incrementally as students advance through the early grades. These worksheets gradually build these skills, before winding up at the key skill of making change for a purchase transaction. One that involves ice cream and donuts, of course. 😎 A good first step on a student’s monetary skill building journey is identifying coins both by their names and their values. This is a great exercise to start with in Kindergarten or first grade, and the printable money pages can also serve as a coordination activity requiring students to cut out coins and bills for play activities. The next key skill is counting money to determine the value of a collection of coins or bills or both. Again, a gentle introduction to this skill can involve counting collections consisting of the same type of coins before working up to mixtures of coins of different denominations. This is again a good first grade activity and can be started before students are familiar with decimals. However, the later worksheets in this area deal with sets of coins totaling over a dollar, as well as groups of coins and bills… Those do require some familiarity with decimals and may be more appropriate for second or third grade students. More difficult money topics including comparing money and making change are definitely second grade topics, and Common Core makes sure these are a priority in most US schools. The money worksheets covering these skills will have your kids covered, and they’re some of the more colorful worksheets I’ve put on the site so far! If you like these money worksheets, please leave a comment here or even better share them! If you have a blog or website, posting a link is VERY appreciated and helps the site in a huge way. Thank you!